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Regardless of whether you are in the job hunt or an employee at an organization, chances are you work directly at one time or another with your Human Resources department.  Often seen as mysterious, establishing relationships with HR professionals can prove a successful strategy as a job seeker, employee, or someone who is just curious and wants to learn more.  Thankfully, there are HR bloggers, communities, and websites that are providing HR pros with real time information and resources. Here are a handful of resources, in fact Six resources that I recommend HR professionals and those interested in learning more about the HR industry, add to their RSS readers or bookmark.

The Human Race Horses. An HR blog managed by Mike Vandervort. Mike discusses Human Resource topics, Labor Relations and a mix of social media.

    TNLT. An HR extension of the popular Electronic Recruiting Exchange or ERE, TNLT is a new network of HR related blog posts and articles.

      LinkedIn HR. Almost 300,000 members strong. This is a valuable resource and LinkedIn Group to build connections, ask questions, and learn about news and information concerns the HR Practioner.

        SmartBrief Workforce. An amazing email newsletter and resource with a collection of leading HR bloggers and practioners. Last week’s announcement of their new editor and former COO of SHRM, China Gorman is a smart move for this publication.

          HR Fishbowl. Charlie Judy is a senior level HR practioner and one of my favorite new and upcoming HR bloggers. He is focused on HR issues and provides an experienced point of view with a focus on strategic and feet on the street human resources.

            The HR Net. Steve Browne, an HR Practioner from Ohio who has created an amazing HR Forum that is free and available for anyone to join called The HR Net. He sends weekly updates to members of the forum who are able to post HR questions and comments anonymously. Connect with Steve directly to learn more at

              Do you have a great Trench HR Resources you care to share? Leave a comment let the Blogging4Jobs readers know.

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              Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is known as @Blogging4Jobs on Twitter, is a published author of “Tweet This! Twitter for Business” and  is a leading HR blogger and new media strategist.  Jessica is a subject matter expert and provides insights in the areas of  HR, recruiting, and new media consultancy with her company, Xceptional HR.  Her newest project isTexting4Jobs, a text based job board platform recently launched in Oklahoma.

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