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Randy writes:

I have several questions about my current job search:

  1. Due to my age, I am only going back 15 years on my resume — some say 10 — but should I leave all those jobs completely or just list them without dates?
  2. Currently I list months/years on my jobs, which is fine overall except for my previous job, where I worked approx 8 months because I was terminated for not bringing in enough business. During interviews I’m not sure to to address any questions about the short stint.
  3. I left off my age on my education.
  4. I keep revising my resume and need a compelling cover letter. Do you think it is worth the investment to have them professionally written? Some services charge up to $300-700, and I can’t make that investment right now.

The Career Doctor responds:

  1. List the jobs in a section called Previous Professional Experience without dates.
  2. Yes, you may need to explain the short job stint. It’s best to say something generic like you didn’t fit into the company culture.
  3. Good. Age should never be listed on a resume.
  4. I absolutely, 100 percent endorse the use of a professional resume writer. Yes, it’s not cheap — but you are talking about your next job, your future. You can’t afford NOT to make this investment.

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