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This advert demonstrates an interesting way of making sure you're the last candidate standing (or sitting) at a job interview! What we want to know is-how did the two friends make sure they got shortlisted for the same job interview, on the same day?

If you and your friends aren't so slick at synchronising your interview invitations, but you want to stand out at the interview, Position Ignition can support you in working on your interview technique. We have a variety of Job Search Programmes, one of which is Interview Prep & Practice. A Position Ignition Career Guide will work one-to-one with you in covering:

  • Interview preparation techniques
  • Mock interview practice and feedback
  •  Better articulation of your talents
  • How to project yourself
  • How to sell yourself
  • Knowing what to say and when to say it
  • Confidence in interviews

Alternatively, download our eBook 'How to Get the Job You Want' today for practical advice on how to approach the interview stage and what not to do in an interview.


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