(I Am Tired Of) Generic LinkedIn Invitations

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Only time for a short rant today.  And I don’t want to over-do this.  But I am really now tired of getting generic invitations on LinkedIn.


Because it takes just a few seconds to personalize the invite.  To make me feel like you have at least tried.  And the image above is what I see every time the generic request comes in.

It’s like walking up to someone at a networking event.  Holding up a sign indicating what group we share.  Taking my business card.  And then walking away.

And while I hate turning away a potential new friend, I am not going to accept a hit and run connection request.

Because it is lazy business.  And lazy does not deliver new friendships.  And I know that it is often not laziness.  Some just don’t know how this whole networking thing works.  Thus my rant.

To be honest, with over 500 connections I’m not sure I need any more.  In fact, I once had this idea that I would never go over 500.  Once I got there, I would only invite someone or accept a new connection if I deleted a current, but lifeless, connection.

That way, being in my 500 would matter.

But that sounded wrong because there might be some people who could get value from having access to people in my network.

Tempting though.

If you are one of the six people who sent me a generic request today.  It’s nothing personal.  You may not know this about me.  Now you do.

But maybe my short little rant will help as you look to connect with others.  Especially those who are super picky about to whom they attach themselves.

And if it was you, don’t worry.  No one will know.

What is your view of this issue?  Who will step up and defend the generic request?

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