How to Best Answer Phone Interview Questions |

Are you currently in the process of trying to find a new job? If so, then you will definitely want to prepare yourself for job interviews with potential employers. The whole concept of participating in a job interview may seem a bit overwhelming and stressful to you. However, there is no need to worry though as there is lots of information available to assist you.

Nowadays, before conducting an actual in office job interview, many employers like to first have their job candidates participate in some phone interview questions as a way of pre-screening them. If they like what they hear on the phone, the employer will then often invite that job candidate to come into their office for an interview. On the other hand, if the phone interview does not go so well, the potential employer most likely will not invite the job candidate to go any further in the job interview process. Therefore, handling yourself well during the initial phone interview questions is crucial in order to increase your chances of actually getting hired.

One of the best ways to ensure that your phone interview goes well is to prepare yourself ahead of time as much as possible. I would highly encourage you to do some research online and read as much as you can on tips for how to do well with phone interview questions. You should base your online research around not only how to do well at phone interviews but also around how to do well at both face to face interviews as well as group interviews. The reason for this is that you may very well have to undertake not just one type of interview for a potential employer, but you might have to do a combination of different types of interviews.

While you can never know for sure exactly what kind of interview questions your potential employers will ask you during your initial phone call, there are certain questions that are commonly asked during job interviews. Three of the most frequently asked job interview questions are, ‘What are your strengths?’ ‘What are your weaknesses?’ And ‘Why do you want to work for us?’ Of course, there are a wide variety of other questions the interviewer might potentially ask you. However, the three questions I stated above are almost always asked during job interviews, and so you should really spend some time prior to your phone interview thinking about the best way to answer those particular questions.

 Damien Clarke is the Managing Director of Red Rock Adventure Products and encourages job hunters to become familiar and confident with answering phone interview questions.

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