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job search strategy, ideas, career, finding a jobIf only we had someone walking around us all the time during job search.  Someone who could chart our progress.  And keep us on the straight and narrow.

This someone would have our job search objectives written in detail.  They would know our weaknesses and our strengths.  Helping us to limit the exposure of one and drive the heck out of the other.

They would know who we know and realize instantly who are the best people for us to be networking with each day.  And they’d push us to make the calls we don’t want to make.  To ask for help from someone who used to work for us.  And ask a small favor from an old boss with whom we didn’t always get along.

They would manage our job search from morning until night.  Providing us time to rest our minds when we’ve done all we can that day.  And give us one last push to hit that last networking event.  On the days we really can.  Because they know someone is there waiting for us.

I’d call that person simply:  Management.

And management is different than maintenance.  Because maintenance simply fixes things that are broken.  And I appreciate the fix.  Because it could be a really big problem.  But I need management around to keep things from breaking.  And to use my time more efficiently.

See the difference?

Of course there are career experts that can play these roles for you at points in the process.  And I highly recommend using one if your strategy is missing or is not working.  You can use a career coach to build your job search and career strategy.  And a resume writer to pull together a great set of personal marketing materials.

In terms of management?  That’s your job.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Unless you can find someone to shadow you.

But I don’t think you’d want that person hanging around you all the time.

So you are going to need management tools.  Some you can create yourself.  There are good and free versions of tools out there.  Others you will need to buy.  Just like you’d buy a new suit or leather portfolio.  To look good and feel prepared on interview day.

A few examples:

  • I spoke with Jason Alba the other day, the owner of Jibber Jobber.  Jason created his tool as a personal relationship manager.  His tool is available free or you can upgrade for a fee.  You should try his tool to see if it works for you.
  • Based on the early analogy for this blog of plate spinning, I created a simple Excel tool called PlateWorks™ which helps you identify and build out your network.  You can find that on my free downloads page.
  • I just created a Tim’s Strategy store on Zazzle.  And before you giggle or snicker, know that it is really there for me.  For contest giveaways at presentations and special events.  But, along with a few other trinkets, I created some goal cards based on a post from a few months back called This Week In My Job Search I Will: I wrote that post to get you focused for the week and to get you started on setting specific goals.  You can now buy these cards on the store.  They are printed on a heavy card stock because your goals are important.  And should carry weight.  But here’s a warning.  If you come to one of my presentations wearing a Tim’s Strategy t-shirt, I may have to give you a hug.  Like it or not.

And so you know it.  Using tools helps you feel smart.  And by using them, you become smart.

And that’s good management.

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