Free E-Book: Taking Action On Your Ideas

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If you’ve been to the free downloads page lately, you may have noticed this book cover.  I kind of snuck it in there one day when you weren’t looking.

And now, just in time for summer, the book is ready to download.  But who is this e-book really for?

It is for idea people.  For closet entrepreneurs.  For anyone who has ideas they’ve thrown under their mattress for another day.

Is that you?

If so, here’s what I have learned:

An idea that you don’t act upon starts to fester.  You don’t always notice it festering.  But, over time, you will notice that inaction has repressive qualities.  This great idea you had once got lost in a pile.  And because you never acted on it, you’ve only got one option.  To be forced to think this:

The idea must not have been that great.

Which is rarely true.  But that was my experience.  And since I’ve started to act on my ideas.  To pursue my passions.  Life has been incredibly rewarding.

And it is fun to see what you can do.  With just a little bit of time each day.

If you are looking for work right now, you may have a little extra time.  Time to get a new idea started.

One that may blossom into something special.  At least to you.  Over the next few years.

I hope that this e-book resonates with you.  And I’d love to get your feedback.

Have a great weekend!

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