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With the recent downturn in the global economy, a large number of people have been made to looking for new job. When looking for a new career you will be presented with some conventional wisdom that is perceived as being helpful. Unfortunately, most of these standard tips do not give you a clear picture of the current job market. This is why it is important that when you are doing a professional job search you take the advice of a professional. Finding a job goes beyond following the standard path taken by countless others and involves taking targeted steps to ensure that you stand above the rest. The first and very important step is to get the correct advice on how to carry out a professional job search. There are many career coaches out there touting their advice and giving tips so how do you choose which of these people are able to give you the correct information that your need to launch your job search.

Here are two important aspects to consider in a career coach when you are looking for advice on professional job searches. Experience- Having experience as a career counselor is something that is very important to look for. The person who’s advice you choose to follow should be someone with a lot of years of experience in the field. It is important to know that the career coach has had the time to put their advice to practice. It is equally important that in their years as a career coach they have worked for a wide range of organizations allowing for a greater range experience.

Training- Career coaches should have a wide and varied training to allow them to understand the job market. When a career coach has been trained by different professional industries it gives them a better understanding of what these organizations and corporations are looking for when hiring employees. Understanding both sides of the job search spectrum allows a career coach to give correct and effective advice.

Beyond these two very important points, it is essential that the career coach goes further than following conventional wisdom. You need someone who challenges the traditional view of the professional job search process and injects some practical and current advice. If you find a career coach who can offer you the latest and most practical advice on how to carry out a professional job search then you are well on the way to having a new job.

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By Vicky Morgan:

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