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I am an apparel executive with over 25 yrs experience. I have had wonderful opportunities in my career and now feel there is no job in my industry that interests me – which is maybe why my resume is not creating any activity? So I applied with 4000 others to the Morgan Stanley wealth management program and was accepted - at 1/3 my previous salary. The position interests me and I have done extensive career tests, reading and interviewing people in this job, but I still don’t know if I can make a career change like this. What am I missing here? I wonder if I am just settling because I don’t have a job offer in my industry? All the tools and things I should do to help with a career change, I’ve done…so why do I feel stuck and rudderless. Thanks for your help! -T-

Hi –T-,

Making a career change is a big step for most of us and certainly there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be a big step for you. You have invested 25 successful years into your career in the apparel industry and you’ve been well rewarded with growth and experiences. I believe your issue boils down to two possible things: 1- despite tests or career tools, you may not have truly “translated” all of that into a career you can feel passionate about despite the good things other people have said and/or 2- fear of change= leaving a place of comfort. Let me expand on both.

  1. Translation and passion. I don’t know if the various tools you have used lead you to the position at Morgan Stanley. I’m sure some of the things you have learned about yourself probably were a fit. Thinking about your position as an executive and the position as wealth manager, I can imagine some of the transferrable skills might be: sell starter, independent, results orientation, organizational skills. The issue is: Do you really want to use those same skills at the point? And in this setting? If you were in the apparel industry for 25 years and were thinking you needed something new, it’s not clear that this position is it. Yes, it’s in a different industry and the position is different but is it that different? Generally, when we make the kind of shift we’re talking about wanting to contribute in new ways. I suggest you set down and review what you learned about yourself to see if that position is really a match. Just because it’s highly sought after and others like it, doesn’t mean it’s that good for you.

  • Fear of change. I can remember my first professional position after college. The day I went to work for the first time, I cried before leaving home. Change can be a hard thing for most people and a career change is very big. The anxiety we can feel when faced with the realities of taking that step can cause us to think it’s wrong. We often second guess ourselves in these circumstances. You need to go back to what I said above and double check yourself. If you made the decision for all the right reasons, you may be stuck in your own fear of change. You need to recognize what the yucky feeling is and move forward in the confidence that you made a good decision. On the other hand, your concerns should always be checked out. If you really aren’t heading toward something you can feel passionate about- stop and rethink your direction. It’s ok to change your mind.
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