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Here are the Top 5 This Week – @andywergedal

Social Media, It is not who you know but how you know them! Are they real friends? Are they linkedin contacts that you met at a networking evert, or are they facebook friends who request that you join their mafia family? This weeks posts have a common theme,” How to use Social Media“.

Andy’s Tip (same as last week): If you can’t get anyone to talk to you, buy an iPad and go sit in your local starbucks. You can start making real world friends, not just online ones.

The Top 5 This Week

1. Viral Marketing: How Online Reputation Spreads (Part1) – [Brand Yourself]

The first thing to understand about viral marketing is that it is comprised of two separate and distinct components. You can have marketing without it being viral, and content can be viral without being marketing. In order to be viral, the content has to be passed from person to person.

2. How Social Media is an Extension of Your PR and Marketing Teams – [Brand Yourself]

What has changed is the interaction between the sales organization and the potential clients. Today that interaction is more personal, more ‘social.’ The addition of Social Media in the marketing process has truly emphasized this change. So what does it all mean?

3. How Social Media Will Change Your Business For The Better – [Career Rocketeer]

1. “Today’s workers will run through at least 10 jobs, three careers, and two layoffs between college and retirement.”

2. “90 percent of all jobs come through networking.” (Face-to-face and online)

3. The big five [social media networking sites] are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs.

4. How to Find a Recession-Proof Career – [AOL Jobs]

Anyone who has been laid off from a dying industry and has been to a jobs center to look for work knows where the jobs are — health care, education, government, the defense industry, and green jobs. The problem is figuring out how to transfer your skills to a recession-proof career and land a job.

5. Goodbye Gatekeepers: Use Social Media To Target Hiring Managers – [JobMob]

In addition to the recession-fueled glut of workers, the explosion of web-based job searches and online social networking has turned the process into something entirely new. That has resulted in candidates who previously, would have flooded the market with resumes, gotten several responses, a few interviews, and a couple of job offers, but now face online job applications that thousands of others have seen, too.

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