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I think it's time we changed the term "politically correct." It sounds so stuffy. How about "socially relevant"? That makes more sense. When it comes to job titles, they've been evolving for decades -- and while it is fun to watch 'Mad Men' on television and get all retro, I'm sure most women are glad they've gone from "my girl" to "secretary" to "executive assistant."

The job title tide began to turn sometime in the 1970s with the advent of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), but became most prevalent in the '80s and '90s when waiters and waitresses became servers; garbage truck drivers were suddenly sanitation engineers; mailmen morphed into mail carriers; secretaries became administrative or executive assistants, and so on.

Ten years into the new millennium, what's next step in this linguistic evolution? Will sanitation engineers become recycling operatives? How about swapping out server for ambulatory sustenance facilitator? Where do we start to draw the line? (Maybe the Twitter revolution will actually help shorten job titles!)

Here are several job titles which were deemed drab or demeaning (and in some cases downright sexist) by society, and what they are now:

Old Title
New Title
Babysitter Nanny
Barman Bartender
Butler Personal Assistant
Delivery Boy Courier
Entry-Level Jr. [Insert Grandiose Title Here]
Fireman Firefighter
Freelancer Contractor
Garbage Man Sanitation Engineer
Housewife Stay-at-home Mom
Intern Apprentice
Maid Housekeeper
Mailman Mail Carrier
Networker Web Communications Specialist
Nurse Health Care Specialist
Payroll Clerk Human Resource Specialist
Policeman Police Officer
Salesman Sales Associate
Secretary Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Soda Jerk Barista
Stewardess Flight Attendant
Waitress Server

Remember you are NOT your job.

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