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Q.  I’ve been offered a really interesting job that makes sense in terms of career progression. I was surprised to get the offer as although I gelled really well with one interviewer, I didn’t get the same vibe from the other. Now I’m not sure whether to take the job – what if all the team are like the person I didn’t click with?

P.W., Weston-Super-Mare


I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people I’ve spoken to who have accepted a role thinking it’s their dream job. Then, a few weeks in, they realise that they are working with monstrous people and can’t stand to be there a moment longer.

An equally frustrating situation occurs when someone has perhaps got as much out of their job as they possibly could, but has become complacent and therefore reluctant to look for a new role because the company culture, environment and (most significantly) the people are just so great.

So if you are faced with this kind of quandary, what’s the right decision to make? Is it possible to achieve the balance, and thoroughly enjoy the work you do and get on with the people who you work with?

I like the job but I don’t like the people

What’s wrong with you that you don’t get on with them? Is it a clash of personality? Perhaps you don’t like their working style. Either way, you’re either going to have to find a way to resolve yourself to working with them, wait for them to hand in their notice, or hand in yours.

How often do you have to deal with them? Is it a bearable amount? You need to weigh up how much you love the job against how much they irritate you. Are you really going to let someone else ruin your promising career?

The most logical solution is to realise that you can’t change another person or the way in which they work, but you can change the way you react to them. 

Fact of life: not everyone’s going to like you, and you’re not going to get on with everyone. Get over it, or move on.

I like the people but I don’t like the job

Bearing in mind you can often see more of your colleagues than your friends and family, the value of great people at work can be priceless.

But is your career going anywhere? Are you stuck in a rut? If you’re not interested in your work or getting bored by it, you’re not achieving your full potential. If you’re lying in bed not wanting to get up and dreading going into work each morning, it’s definitely time to move on.

Who knows – the people at your new office might be an even nicer bunch.

I like the job AND the people

Lucky you. Appreciate the enviable position you find yourself in and don’t forget that the best time to update your CV is when you’re happy in your job.

I don’t like the job OR the people

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