New Interview Norm: Dress Business Casual

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I recently interviewed someone.  Not a direct report.

But it was for a new and influential position with our company.   An executive level position.

First round interview.

And the guy walks in without a tie and without a suit coat.  I know, how dare he?

But you know what?  I was glad for it.

And I want to state here and now that job seekers should be released from the painstaking process of interviewing all day in a suit.  Male or female.

After all, no one you interview with is wearing suits, are they?  Most are in cheap slacks or faded blue jeans these days.  Sure there are exceptions.  Bigger companies.  Banks, law offices, large corporations.

I interviewed for 8 hours at a company a few years back.  On a Friday.  Turns out it was their casual day.  Strange.

But listen to this: here’s one way that companies can welcome employees now or minimally when the economy starts to come back.

Advertise your next job and say in the ad:

Business Casual Dress Encouraged

Yes, remove the question and outright invite comfortable attire.

I know what you are thinking.

1.  It’ll never happen.

2.  They will still wear a suit even if allowed to dress down.

3.  They’ll dress down and worry throughout the interview that they made a mistake.

4.  They will come too casual and not impress (yes, that could happen)

And you may say “I will always expect a job seeker to ’suit up’ for an interview.  It is the best they will ever look and I want to see that”.  What?  Really?

Business casual interviews will also take the pressure off the interview team.  No more having to think about dressing up because I have to interview someone today.  Hooray!

My recent interview was not hampered by his stunning lack of suit and tie.  It was improved by it.  It allowed him to relax, me to see him as I would on his first day and allowed for a more conversational interview.  My favorite kind.

So join me.  Spread the word.  Suggest to your HR team that they encourage a policy of business casual for interviews.

What do you think?  Would it work at your company?

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