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“Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions.” – Astronaut Cady Coleman
NASA Transmission – Shuttle Mission STS-73

So, if you are into the UFO thing, you will know right away what an “encounter of the fourth kind” is. Relating this to job search is probably a stretch, except it has happened to me. You know how it goes, you get a call from a recruiter, they are trying to fill a specific job and, while it is something you could probably do, this is just not a job that you will ever take (assuming they actually make you an offer). But then, for some reason, you go on the interview anyway. And then, things just get out of control and you are “sucked into the moment” as if you’ve been abducted by some alien life form. You go through countless interviews not really knowing why you are there or what you are doing, wasting hours of your time. And then finally, as if you’ve just come out of a drunken haze, reality sets in, you see an opening and you bolt for the door before they can pull you back in. But wait, you think that this is the end of it (but it isn’t). Now the recruiter is calling you, emailing you, texting you and otherwise trying to track you down so that they can complete the brainwash and return your mindless body to “the interview process”. Okay, maybe a little melodramatic, but it can and does happen. So what’s the point? You know what you’re best at and if you get that “gut feeling” that something is not right, listen to yourself and wait for the right opportunity.

  • The Right Job – What better place to start than This site has a ton of resources for helping find, well, the right job. Top of the page starts with a quick search (just enter your key word). Directly below this is another choice, just select a category. But wait, that is not all, directly below the search section is a list of great resources. From Resume Tips  to Cover Letters and Interviews (not the fourth kind), this site delivers a wealth of information.
  • Are you in the wrong job after all? – This article, posted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, provides some pointers to help you figure it out. From “you are not doing the job right” to “the position is different from what you expected”, this article is definitely worth a read. Some interesting points, like maybe you are in the right job but in the wrong place.
  • Quiz: How to Find Your Perfect Job – Another great resource from Alison Doyle, why not take a quiz to which job suits you? Select one of six categories and you are ready to take your quiz. What, you don’t know what to do? No worries, select “I don’t have a clue” and there are four quizs for you to take so that you can figure it out. Need more?  There are a bunch of additional resource links directly below the article. Related articles and job search help is a few clicks away.
  • The 20 Best Job Search Web Sites – Where to start? Why not the top job search sites? Posted on, this article helps filter the top sites (based on their criteria). You know how it is, so many job search sites, so little time. Each site is listed with a brief overview followed by a link to the site. Definitely a place to start if you’ve not built your job search site list.
  • The 100 Most Influential Headhunters – Got your list of job search sites from the last link, now to get your list of recruiters. Now 100 is probably too many to use, but this is a great list to start from. Posted by, the article is like a slide show. Select the > symbol from the top right hand side to get to the next page where you will find (one at a time) profiles on the top recruiters along with their contact information. Remember, be selective and pick only those recruiters that fit your profile.

Good luck in your search

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