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If you have been looking for job career advice for your 100k job search you may have come across dozens of job career advice articles and tips on various parts of the process however it is important to put all of these parts into a real plan. ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Before you begin your 100k job search it will pay off big time to spend a few moments to draft a plan and identify an action plan to position yourself as the best possible candidate and maximize the return on your time invested in your 100k job search. Below are a number of factors that you should make part of your plan for your six figure job hunt.

Positioning Yourself There are a number of things you need to look at and evaluate before you even begin your 100k job search. These include your credit report, social media, email addresses, phone numbers and positioning in your industry. Make time on your calendar to look at and adjust these things as needed.

Resume & Cover Letters These are certainly things that should not be thrown together in a few minutes. How much is this new six figure job worth to you over the next 5 years? Isn’t it at least worth putting a few hours into? Take your time to update your resume and show employers you are really serious about landing this new 6 figure job. Make sure your cover letters are unique and customized for each employer.

100k Job Searches Organize your time for your 100k job searches so that you make the most of it and can dedicate some to focus on it it without other distractions. If you are currently employed this might just be 30 minutes every evening and perhaps two lunches per week networking. If you are unemployed you probably want to devote at least 5-8 hours a day in your home office and networking to focus on finding an new six-figure job. If posting resumes on the top job sites as part of your 100k job search. Take the time to set up automatic alerts and searches and also look for job sites that specialize in the type of jobs you are looking for.

Interviews As most 6 figure job interviews will be during weekdays when you may already be working and of course you cannot afford to be skipping work regularly, try planning a day off (or two) a couple weeks away so that your can try to fit all of your interviews in at one time and not give your current employer any suspicions that you may be leaving.

Tim Houghten has been a business owner, HR specialist and executive recruiter for over ten years and now as a consultant and freelancer writer he writes for The Career Advice Column where executives come for job search advice and to find the best sources for $100k plus jobs.

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