An Interview w/ Twitter Job Search Executive |

Twitter Job Search is a product developed by Work Digital. It is the ONLY real-time job board. In other words, it indexes jobs as they are posted. This means you may have a chance of getting on the radar long before a job ever makes it to another posting. It’s a killer tool and great time saver.

Today  you are going to hear an interview with Henry Mackintosh, Online Marketing Manager for the company. He is going to share with us some really powerful ways of using Twitter to get our next job. Please take a listen:

  • Twitter Job Search has indexed over 200,000 jobs in the last 30 days!
  • It allows you to search the job description, not just the limited 140 characters in the tweet
  • It allows you to express interest online based on your Social Media profile
  • You can show interest to jobs using your VisualCV and LinkedIn profile
  • You can send a video application, a great way to stand out of the crowd!

I am just so excited by this tool. So expect a Screen Cast from me in a day or so showing you the steps on how to perform a job search and apply online.

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