Improve Your Interviews by 1,000,000%

Improve Your Interviews by 1,000,000%

July 9th, 2010

So I came up with this arbitrary percentage… I don’t know if you’ll improve by 100% or a gazillion percent… but I bet you will improve SIGNIFICANTLY (that’s a term we used in the MBA program that meant “enough to care about”).

How?  Should you:

  • Study common questions and prepare answers ahead of time?
  • Make sure you dress right and floss your teeth?
  • Have a strong first impression (great handshake, flashy smile, etc.)?
  • Tell stories?
  • Relate to the interviewers?

Perhaps all of those, and more, will help you improve your job search interviews.  Here’s my one piece of advice to help you improve your interviews a ton:

Record yourself in a mock interview.

It is wierd.  You might feel silly and uncomfortable.  But when you review the recording, with some peers, you will uncover a lot of things and find yourself saying “wow, I didn’t know I did that with my hands,” or “why do I keep looking around the room, I look too nervous,” or “why can’t I just give my response smoothly,” or “I didn’t realize I said UM 40 times in that one response,” etc.

I don’t care how good you think you are…. record yourself, and have some others record themselves in a mock interview, and then sit down and critique the recordings.

You will find big and small things you can improve on.

I double-dog-dare you to do this.

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