How to Know If Career Coaching is a Bunch of Bunk or is Right For You |

As a Professional Career Coach, I’ve noticed that everyone has a ‘catalyst’ for calling me. There is usually one big thing – and perhaps a few supporting items – that initiate that first call to me. And – just as important – there are many reasons professionals never make the first call (even though a friend told them to call, they Googled me, and looked at my website, etc.).

So, what are the ‘typical’ reasons an employed professional may call a Career Coach? Overall, there is something that doesn’t feel ‘right’ about their career, job, and overall direction. In other words, something is amiss. More specifically, people reach out to me for reasons like this:

They’re tired of their annoying Manager and how much of a negative impact this person has on his/her life They’re overworked, burned out, and wondering who they’re doing it all for They’re underpaid for the contribution they give They feel the company isn’t recognizing them in formal or informal ways for their accomplishments and contributions They feel bored in their career path or like they are ‘spinning their wheels’ They feel like their peers have passed them over on the career path and they have stalled out They feel a ‘nudge’ or ‘craving’ for something different, more, better in their career… but their not sure what “that thing” is They know they spend too much time at work to not feel happy, successful, fulfilled, accomplished, etc. And so on… These are all great reasons! Unfortunately, many people wait until things are really bad. They wait and wait and wait and they call me when they’ve absolutely had enough. I wish I could let the world know there is help out there when things are just ‘okay’ (instead of waiting until they are terrible).

Or, they just never make the call. I think this is because it’s easier not to call. I know that sounds funny. I mean, if someone is miserable, why wouldn’t they call someone for help? After talking to many of you and many of my clients who have referred people to me who have never called, I think there is something that happens on a subconscious level when you are about to call a Coach, an expert, a trainer, etc.

Your fear takes over because you know something will have to shift, to change, to morph. And you know it may take some energy and work. Your ‘ego’ is there to keep you safe. And safe it keeps you by not picking up the phone.

My invitation to you is to give yourself, your soul, the gift of exploring what will help you to be more happy, more successful, better paid, more fulfilled, more accomplished, more ‘right’ in your career. There are so many resources out there for you. Of course, I would love to help you ‘get more’ in your career… but do whatever it takes for YOU. Only you can take care of you and your career. Know when it’s time.

By  Kelly Harrington : As a Professional Career Coach and President/Founder of Career Max Group, I help successful professionals get more. Please contact me to find out if Career Coaching/Consulting can help you to get more of what you want from your career:

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