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The very best time to look for a new job is while you still have your old one–but what if that means you need to keep it on the down low? Keeping your job search confidential can seem virtually impossible, but it isn’t.

One great way to stealth job search is by using LinkedIn. It’s entirely possible to reach out to others without it being a matter of public record. Using LinkedIn to contact hiring managers directly is amazingly effective.

So what do you have to do?

Above all else, you must have a polished LinkedIn profile. The better you look on LinkedIn, the more likely it becomes that you’re contacted by recruiters or hiring managers (the easiest way to land a job of all). But be careful of what you write in your summary. You can’t put “seeking a sales opportunity” if you’re trying to keep it quiet. Concentrate on highlighting your skills and accomplishments while making connections and participating in relevant groups. Essentially, you’re putting your best foot forward while growing your network. And you’ll learn a tremendous amount of information from the resources you’ll find there.

What if your employer wants to know why you have such a shined up LinkedIn profile? Don’t let him put you on the spot. You can say (especially if you’re in sales or marketing) that you see yourself as the face of the company, and customers seek you out on LinkedIn. You can also say that you’re trying to learn about the latest social media tools to be current on the trends. There are over 65 million professionals on LinkedIn, and they’re not all looking for jobs. It’s not going to be unusual for you to jump in, too.

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