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How To Find a Job Without Getting Fired

Nealeigh Mitchell | Excelle

So you’ve decided you can’t spend another year working for your under-appreciative boss with little room for growth. It’s a good job, but you’ve been here three years without a promotion. It’s time to go, right?

Gone are the days when employees spend their entire careers climbing the ladder at a single company. In fact, job hopping can actually help you figure out what you really want to do and get you there faster.

But looking for a job while you’re still employed is no easy task. You’ve got the stress of job hunting in addition to your normal work responsibilities. How can you possibly work interviews into the business day? How can you even call to set them up?

Obviously you can’t slack off at your present job or alert your boss to your plans. But you don’t have the luxury to quit and fire up a full time job search.

So can you do both? Yes, but it takes some skill. Here’s how to successfully search for a job without getting fired:

Making Contact

Don’t search on your current boss’s time. Period. Many companies monitor your online activity and have strict rules against personal use of computers and resources. The last thing you want is for your boss to find your cover letter in the copy machine or overhear you on an interview when you’re late on deadline. Most potential employers will understand that there are times you can’t be reached. Still, play it safe and job search in the evenings or on the weekend.

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