Helping Others Succeed |

I create resumes all the time and the most satisfaction I get is when clients are the happiest with my work. My process is to understand what clients are looking for and it starts with critiquing their resume. I look at each resume differently; no resume comes to me the same. I appreciate when my clients rely on my expertise to guide them through the process. When creating resumes, I never know how I am going to create it. I just know that it is going to have a positive outcome. The more challenging the resume, the more I challenge my skills and push my creativity.

I love speaking with clients and helping them get a better understanding with the resume process. Once they understand this process and allow me to create what they envision, then it starts getting fun. I come across a lot of resumes that are missing key elements to help clients succeed. It is like a puzzle and it is my job to make sure that everything fits and comes together to make it functional.

Sometimes clients don’t understand that they are selling their skills and expertise to companies. What this means is employers are looking for who can better accommodate the needs for the company. Clients need to know that they are the brand and they are selling their experience.

I appreciate my clients because they appreciate and respect what I do as a Resume Advisor. I give 15 years experience and in return my clients give me trust, respect, and the overwhelming satisfaction that I get when I am able to help another individual.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal