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Here are the Top 5 This Week – @andywergedal

Here is the eclectic mix of articles in the top 5 this week.

The Top 5 This Week

1. You Can’t Trademark Your Name…But You Can Buy It In Google – [Career Rocketeer]

You have probably seen the recent viral video about the guy who bought the names of some top New York ad executives in Google to help land his dream job…and it worked!

This brings up an interesting dilemma for individuals who want to be found in Google. Unlike companies and businesses, individuals rarely have unique names. And there are few legal guidelines to help protect individuals in this area. You don’t get to trademark your name..

2. Company Career Sites – Consulting Firms – [Secrets of The Job Hunt]

Consulting is “The act of providing information, analysis, and recommendations” and is a career choice that is very different than most. To be a successful consultant, you need to have great interpersonal skills, a high level of confidence, good communications skills and a particular area of expertise. It also doesn’t hurt to be good at sales (in fact, it is a requirement at the more senior levels) and not mind traveling. Many consultants are “road warriors” for much of their careers. Continuing the series of posts targeting company career sites, today we review several consulting firms.

3. College Grad Job Search Resources – What You Think – [Career Alley]

It doesn’t always have to be about me, sometimes it can be about you too. I get lots of emails suggesting links that many of you think will appeal to CareerAlley readers. I generally collect these until I have enough that is worth a dedicated post and today is your lucky day. So thanks to all of you who have submitted your ideas and please keep them coming!

4. Five Email Oversights That Kill Your Brand – [Personal Branding Blog]

Sometimes, with the pressure to do a good job on the big things – close the sale, deliver the code, solve the problem – we overlook the little things along the way, and destroy the very brand we are trying to create.

5. Use the Internet to Find a Job – Part 3: Marketing You – [Career Alley]

You may also consider creating your own website for your skills and resume. Although it can be expensive, the chances on being found increase due to the Internet being used a main search tool for recruiters. Post projects you have worked on, and a portfolio of the services you can offer to a prospective employer. When sending out emails, include a link to your personal marketing website; it makes you stand out from everyone else as someone who is serious about their job search!

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