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Here are the Top 5 This Week – @andywergedal

I guess that 5 is the lucky number this week. Look up your salary, find ways to reduce risk, resume mistakes and keys to finding your next job.

The Top 5 This Week

1. 100+ Free Salary Resources From Around the World in 2010

All the free salary surveys and other salary information you’ll need in 2010.

2. 5 Ways To Reduce The Risk In You
[Tim's Strategy]

Many of us are risk takers. We look for opportunities in life to try something new. To test the boundaries. There is a thrill that comes with risk. A feeling that you are allowing yourself to experience a fuller life. If this describes you. If you can imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon like those above. Then you fit this profile.

3. Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Their Resumes
[Moving On Up]

Have you ever had a phone interview? Every interview can be a little nerve wracking, but a phone interview can be particularly terrifying. Like calling a crush for the first time, it can put your stomach in knots. If you’re nervous about this type of interview, don’t panic. The following tips will give you a head start on how to be a success.

4. 5 Important Keys to Finding Your Next Job
[Employment Digest]

It is not news to anyone that the job market seems to be more competitive every day. Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you pursue your next position.

5. Growing a Professional Network: Using LinkedIn’s Groups
[Career Alley]

One aspect of using LinkedIn that many job seekers may not have previously considered is utilizing the groups feature to grow their network exponentially, with little additional work.

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This week I was branded a professional encourager and a diplomatic pessimist. (I’m not sure how those work together). Check out my editorial posting on 40× and on twitter @andywergedal… (blah blah, blah stuff follows) Andy’s primary professional role is the communication bridge between technology and executive staff. An expert in project management methodologies Andy excels as the agent of change. In his spare time, he has a passion for helping people find jobs.

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