8 Things You Must Know While Writing a Resume

We know that writing a good resume is time taking. But it may help you lead a job quickly if written properly. A good resume give the aspirants a better prospect to get selected in an interview. Below are the five fantastic ways to write an effective and good resume.

1. Avoid Useless, Hackneyed Resume Buzz Language

Resume buzz words can be classified into two types – first type of buzz words are those which are exclusively used for a profession or industry like accounting, IT industry and so on. This group of buzz words is generally used to describe the specific work experience of the candidates. However, make sure to avoid the overuse of uncommon words. Second type of buzz words are those which are used to demonstrate the skills and qualities of the candidates. Again you must avoid the overuse of these buzz words. These second types of buzz words are nowadays used by almost every applicant so they seem to be meaningless now.

2. Choose The Appropriate Words To Describe Your Expertise

Add good and relevant words to illustrate your skills and expertise. The overused words may lessen the impact of your skills. Highlight the important words that suitably describe your achievements and accomplishments. Use the words which enumerate the percentage and date of the accomplishment.

3. Mention Your Winning Projects

If you are the one having a long successful career in past, do not forget to mention your achievements, but make sure that the whole resume is not chock-full of that single past project. Give a short and snappy but to the point illustration of it.

4. Give The Appropriate Subheading To Each Illustration

Keep in mind that the subheadings must be exactly relevant to the matter in the paragraph. Be specific in giving the subheadings and writing the matter.

5. Use Bullets And Numbering

Bullets and numberings make a resume readable; therefore it is important to use the numberings or bullets in the resume. It also makes your resume look neat.

6. Details Of Past Experience

The past work experience details also play an important role in the resume, however make sure that you are not criticizing your old employer and the colleagues. This will leave a bad impact on the interviewer.

7. Avoid The Use Of Pronouns

Using the words “I” “he”, “she” etc. in the resume does not leave good impact on the employers. It rather seems weird. Use of pronouns in the resume shows your amateurish and unprofessional nature. Actually there is no need to use pronouns as it is but obvious that the resume is about you.

8. Order Of Points

Write the latest work experience or education first, this include the degree earned, company worked with, college or university or any other academics. Similarly if you have won certain awards write the most recent ones first.

These are just a few of the major resume writing tips. Following the above mentioned tips will make you stand out in the crowd.

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