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We knew that one day technology would make some significant changes in our lives. But for some reason, it seems that we had visions of flying cars and robot maids. While we haven’t quite reached that stage, we’ve seems some adjustments that were unimaginable in the job search realm only a few years ago. Google, in particular, has been at the forefront of many of those changes.

If you’re ready to make waves in your executive job search then it’s a good idea to include Google in your process at some stage. Let’s look at three ways that Google could enhance your executive job search and get you that much closer to snagging the job you want.

Google Searches Make Researching Easier
One of the most obvious ways to make the most of your executive job search is to conduct Google searches. When it’s time to apply with a company, you don’t want to just work from the perspective of a job posting or tip from a recruiter. It’s good to conduct an investigation of sorts to learn more about the company.

There are a few ways that you could do this. Of course, you could Google the company to see if they have a website and also take a look at other links that pop up about the company. But where Google really comes in handy is via news and blogs. If the company has been in the news, you want to know so that you can begin mapping out just how beneficial your services could be if they’ve had some sort of trouble over the years.

Google Alerts Improve Resumes, Interviewing and More
Another great benefit of using Google in the midst of your executive job search is the Google Alerts feature, which offers updates on what’s going on in the news as determined by the keywords you set up as your alert criteria. For instance, if you want to keep track of updates with a few companies that you’re applying with but you don’t have time to manually search for information every day, you could set up alerts in Google that would keep you updated.

In setting up your alerts, you get to choose as many keywords as you like and also determine whether you want news, videos, blogs, discussions or everything. In addition, you decide the frequency by which you will receive your alerts (as it happens, once a day, once a week) and how many per email will show up in your inbox.

A Google Profile Adds to Your Online Brand
Another great way to make use of Google is to get a Google Profile. The profile allows you to set up a resume of sorts that is guaranteed to be one of the top listings in the search engine under your name. This is a great feature to take advantage of because it helps to build your online brand by giving recruiters a source of information while helping to guide them to sites you’d like them to visit to help them know more about you.

Google offers great resources for enhancing your executive job search. So if you have not yet taken advantage of them, now’s the time to get started.

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