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Careers professionals, such as advisors, coaches, mentors, counsellors, and guides can be helpful, but, like everything else in life, they are good ones, bad ones and ones in between. If your careers professional does any of these things you know you've definitely got someone who is not the best at career consulting!:

1) Says 'You've got 10 minutes' as you sit down and then spends the whole of that 10 minutes checking his watch.

2) Listens to you pour your heart out as you explain your career issues and then replies, 'I don't see what the problem is, everything sounds ok to me'.

3) Says 'I can't help you and I don't know anyone who can'.

4) Tells you to lie on your CV

5) Advises you that your ideal career is 'being famous'.

6) Rolls her eyes when you tell her which career you’d like.

7) Suggests you flirt with interviewers to get a job

8) Makes your decisions for you.

9) Applies for jobs on your behalf.

10) Applies for jobs on your behalf without telling you.

Here at Position Ignition we can safely say our Career Guides would never do any of those things! That's because not only do they have professional qualifications in the career transition field, they all also have a wealth of life and career experience under their belts. Their various skills and qualities equip them for relating to our clients as well as providing fresh, knowledgeable and objective perspectives. If you think you'd like to work with a Position Ignition Career Guide, get in touch and we can give you more information.

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