What Would Dad Say » New Job Searching App for the IPAD

The LinkUp IPad app (FREE, what did you expect from LinkUp?) is now available via iTunes.  Just search on ‘job search’ and you can see it, download it, marvel at it.

You will marvel at it.  It’s that good.  Mah-va-lous.

Our development team used all the Ipad features and functionality.  This is not some slap it together, let’s get it out Ipad app.  It is not an universal app either…you know, one that was really made for the IPhone, but now made to fit on the IPad, but it just floats in the middle like a piece of software crap an embarrassing signal of development incompetence for the entire world to see and unmarvel at…NOT our LINKUP app.

Like Billy Crystal said, “It’s just mahvelous.”

If you have an Ipad, download it. Then browse around.  If you have a job you can see all the other companies who are now beginning to hire–over 450,000 job openings whoohoo.  Real jobs, open, and mostly un-advertised elsewhere.

If you don’t have an Ipad, the LinkUp app is a good reason to get one.

Just saying.

Ed note. You can check out LinkUp Ipad features here.

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