Summertime - and the Job Search Ain't Easy - Career Chaos

Even during "normal times" summer job searches can bump into barriers from company vacation schedules and slower hiring processes. However, our economy is not in a "normal" time these days. This is all the more reason to "turn up the heat" in your job search.

How can you add sizzle to your job search? Take advantage of the warm season to ramp up your networking efforts at all outdoor social events. (I worked with one coaching client who got a job lead from another soccer mom at their kids' game.) Make sure everyone you know has been informed of your job search. Being out of work is not a shameful matter anymore. Ask for help and ask for introductions. Statistics have proved over and over again that more jobs are gotten through networking than by using the Internet job boards.

That being said, revisit old job postings and your old applications. Was a job filled more than six months ago? Then now is the best time to reconnect to inquire as to how the new hire is working out. You might get lucky and catch a company needing to re-post a position but hasn't yet done so. Push gently for another interview and be ready to plead your case for why you're still the best candidate.

Silly as this may sound - I shouldn't even have to say it - don't put your job search on hold until September. Some job seekers do and later regret it. Jobs ARE being filled now. You just have to find them. Redouble your efforts and use all available avenues. Get creative in your outreach. Leave no possibility untapped.


And most importantly, you don't have to do your job search alone. Get help from a professional career coach and you'll see that your job search is doable and your goals are attainable!

My sister, who'd been laid off since March 2009, defied the odds and  accepted a perfect job offer to start June 21. She had applied for a position posted on a major job board, went through three interviews, and proved herself to be the ideal candidate in her field. She got her asking salary (she was reasonable in her request) plus a great benefits package and the promise of a very good job with a stable, growing company.

My son, who'd been furloughed from his conductor position with a railroad in January 2009, was called back to work full time a month ago. He even got based in his preferred location - here! No more moving, at least for now.

If you're in job search mode, it may appear that there's "nothing out there." But there are definite signs that the economy is recovering. Companies are beginning to hire in many fields. Persevere and stay motivated - your next job is just around the corner!

Wishing you career success in 2010!


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