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There can be many reasons for people of all ages to spend some time out of the office and off their personal career ladder. In these more enlightened times both men and women have the chance to take time to be at home with children and nurture the younger generation – or indeed their parents. It can truly be a most marvellous experience while it lasts. But, like many things it is often only ‘for a season’ and eventually the question is begged : now what ? What next?

For some, the decision is easy when returning to work:- an agreed career break with a large company ends, there is a role to go back to with people who are known like old friends within a familiar corporate structure. Alternatively, the skill set is highly marketable, opportunities are abundant and hours of work broadly complementary: think nursing or teaching for example.  

But, for a great many others, the prospect of a return to working life is fraught with difficulties – some real, some simply more imagined. So - what next?

Where technology has changed, industry sectors have metamorphosed, companies have merged or disappeared, contacts have retired or otherwise seemingly ‘evaporated’: then one can be left feeling very alone. Even where one is sure of one’s skills and abilities it can feel like an uphill struggle to convince recruiters and organisations that one is ‘the one’.

The start of ‘part two’ is often the moment when thoughts of self employment come to the fore, based either on the prospect of trading on existing skills and offering support to a specific niche - or branching out in an entirely new direction to embrace the future with all possible energy and enthusiasm for a passion which can now be unleashed.

The key to success at this point is clear awareness of direction, specific short and medium term goals to aim for and understanding of the market which one seeks to enter. With all of this, returning to work can be a smooth transition and you will be successful.

In addition to all these things, and perhaps the most important of all, is the existence of a support structure.  Partnering with a qualified, experienced career guide can be one of the most effective elements of the scaffolding which you provide for yourself as you ‘scale the building’ throughout a period of change and development which can hardly even be guessed at before it is experienced.

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Author: Mary Cope

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