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I recently went car shopping this week and man, what an experience that can be. I looked at so many different cars, they all started to blur together. I set out with specific criteria in my head of the features and options I wanted included with my next vehicle—some of which came from experience with my current vehicle—which happens to produce some really loud road noise. It’s one of my pet peeves about the SUV I drive, so one of my main goals for my next vehicle (among others) is to find one that is quieter. I have a list of other things that I need in the car—and a few things that I just want—things that would be nice to have. After what has felt like two weeks or more of car shopping, test driving, and more, I ended up feeling really great about one particular vehicle—it really stood out. The reason why I loved it so much and remembered it from out of all the others (others that seemingly all blurred together and were quite unremarkable to remember) was because it met all my needs and wants. It stood out from all the other SUVs because it met every one of the criteria on my list. How different is our job search, really?

How many of us use the exact same resume to apply for 10, 20, or even 100 different positions? Each position is different, right? Sure, some of the responsibilities may be the same, but every company’s needs are different. If you want to make a better impression with the hiring manager you have to show him you can meet the employer’s needs—and maybe even a few of their wants. Needs tend to fall under the “required experience/skills” section of the job ad. Wants fall under the “preferred qualifications” part. If you can show the hiring manager in your resume and cover letter that you not only meet their needs but also their wants—you have just become a very memorable prospect in a sea of others who just blur together.

So the next time you’re submitting the same resume and cover letter that you haven’t altered since 50 applications ago, stop for a second; take a moment to customize the resume and cover letter to the job ad or position opening. I know it may take an extra 10-20 minutes now, but if it means standing out in a blurred sea of other applicants it will be well worth your time.

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