Networking: Are You Feeling Burned Out?

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A few months ago I wrote about a question that seemed strange at the time.  The question was is there such a thing as too much networking?

That particular question came from a reader and had to do with a concern about over-exposure and efficiency.

But a new and really interesting question was raised on my LinkedIn group today that brought up a related but very different question.

The question asked whether others had seen a reduction in attendance at networking events around the Orange County area.  The discussion then headed to an interesting theory.

It suggested that people are burning out on networking events.  Are YOU?

I haven’t done a survey on this, but I think there is some truth in the idea.  Especially for people who have been out over six months and who have not seen networking deliver a new job.  Despite all of us out there saying that networking is the single most important job search activity.

When you first start networking, everything is new.  Everyone is friendly and open to new relationships.  And if you are doing it right, you are picking a few people each week.  People with whom you can build a deeper relationship.

But over time, if the effort has not delivered big leads.  You start to get out of bed a little slower.  You start to hem and haw.  Getting there late, leaving early or not going at all.  You do that little dance in your head: Should I stay or should I go?

And then you start getting lazy.  You stop communicating your specific job search objectives.  Stop handing out your networking business cards and one page networking bio.

I’ve seen it.  As I introduce a long time job seeker with a newer one.  The veteran has a different energy.  A lack of excitement to meet new folks.  Jaded.

And that attitude, created from experience, influences your own motivation to keep going.  And it likely influences new people you meet.  To spend less time with you.

So if today’s post is about the issue of reduced attendance at networking events and a theory as to why (burnout or fatigue), the next one will be full of solutions.

Come back early next week for: 5 Ways To Keep Networking Fresh And Productive

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What are you seeing in your community.  Are fewer people coming out?  If so, where are they going instead and why?

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