Leaving a Great Impression – Firm Departure 

It is human nature for an employees’ attitude to adjust once a departure notice has been given or received. It is what we call, the light bulb effect, as the emotional switch seems to go off and on. If you observe your co-workers that are in this situation, you will know precisely what we mean.

Whether you are leaving for a promotion with a new firm, or for any personal or career – related reasons, or perhaps due to your position being terminated with notice, you must keep foremost in your mind that you are a professional, and act accordingly.

It will not serve you well to take on a negative attitude towards your boss or co-workers, or the firm in general. In fact, this is sure to harm you in the near future, and possibly dog you throughout your career.

We endorse continuing to be a dedicated and conscientious employee right up to the last moment in your role. Regardless of your tenure with your current firm, you have served each other well, and as such, you each need to come from professional integrity and respect.

If a job description manual has not been created for your role, which is often the case, use a few of your lunch hours or stay after work to compose an overview with specific instructions for the new employee. This will not only make his or her transition easier, but also make things fluid for your boss and other co-workers on your team.

You may be inclined to think that this is a waste of time, since there has not been a procedure manual of any kind previously – incorrect! If you were fortunate enough in your role to begin on this project, it will not take you very long to complete it for the new employee. Even if a new employee will not be taking on the role immediately, it is a valuable tool for you to leave behind when the appropriate timing occurs.

Performing your job as you would normally with a positive and professional attitude, will give an added validation to your requests for excellent references, which will follow you throughout your entire career.

So, leave your firm with dignity and respect, and the knowledge that you contributed to your best ability for your teams and the firm in general right up to your last day with the firm.

By  Trish Alys Johnson : Reciprocity is located at http://candidcomments.flokka.com and now holds my articles from the CorpSecrets Career Columns site, which has recently changed focus to Social Media.

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