Lots has been written about the power of networking to find work – and rightly so. Statistics show overwhelmingly most jobs are landed via referral. It’s estimated there are actually millions of job openings right now that aren’t posted. Thus, the argument for networking to find a ’secret’ job posting is a valid one.

BUT, That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Utilize a ‘Job Search Engine’ to Find Work!

Notice, I said job search engine. That’s because a job search engine is different from a job board. Job boards have been getting a bad rap lately due to the increased number of bogus listings and scams found on them. This negative press has caused many job seekers to ignore the technological advancements made in on-line job search in the last year. In fact, job search engines have actually created new opportunities for savvy job seekers to get a leg-up on their competition. Here’s how…

20,000+ Companies Have Posted Jobs Directly on Their Corporate Websites…Do You Know Which Ones?

Due to the overwhelming number of job applicants companies were getting when they paid to post a job on traditional job boards, many businesses have opted to stop paying to post on these sites. They just couldn’t handle the volume of resumes – many of which were from people who weren’t qualified for the job. Instead, they chose to only post the job on their corporate website. In short, here’s how the process works today: When a job opens up, the company announces it internally so employees can spread the word to their friends via social media (there’s that networking thing again!), and then they post the job on their site so only people who are truly interested in working for them will find it. By creating these job seeker hoops, they don’t get overwhelmed with applications and find the quality of the applicant (in terms of their skills being a match for the job) increases significantly.

Good News! A Job Search Engine Can Find These Job Postings for You

A job search engine is designed to go out and find any of the jobs that are posted directly on company sites. It then compares these job postings to ones found on major job boards like and removes the duplicates. In short, it shows you the jobs only posted on the corporate website. A job search engine offers a job seeker the chance to find out about jobs they would have otherwise never heard of. And, since the engine is updating in real-time, you can run searches daily to ensure you are one of the first to know about a new opening.

Better News! We’ve Got a Job Search Engine for Our Loyal Readers

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