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Dad helps with Brand Personality

Our parents, believe it or not, actually do know what they’re talking about sometimes. As we grow up in adolescence, it seems that parents are unfair, don’t understand our lives and don’t realize the depths of our teenage angst. Yet over the years, they teach us important lessons that can show us how to brand ourselves in the right light.

Number One Fan

As we all know, parents see the best in their children. Whether you’re stuck up and mean or sweet as can be, your Dad is going to think the world of you. Remember that, at times, your parents may have been your only fans. They want you to succeed and achieve your wildest dreams. While every so often their support may be a little annoying, they showed us from a young age that we’re worth the attention of others. Our job is to work hard and remain worthy of people’s time by building a strong brand personality. It’s important to realize our parents will love us no matter what; everyone else in the world doesn’t have such an obligation.

Tell the Truth and Nothing but the Truth

In my household, honesty was always the best policy. Getting caught in a lie was one of the worst things that could happen to me and my siblings. Although I’m not Ms. Honesty all the time, my Dad taught me it’s imperative to show your true colors and be honest with those who support and work with you unless you’re willing to lose their trust. Trying to cover up a mistake with a web of lies is only going to make whatever bad situation you’re in that much worse. You’ll establish your brand personality as one that doesn’t care for the trust and respect you receive, and people will question the motives behind anything that you say or do. When it counts the most, tell the truth no matter what.

Better Out than Introverted

My Dad is the loud and talkative guy in social settings, unafraid to make new acquaintances and talk to important people as often as he was able. Though I’m not quite as outgoing as he, he taught me the importance of talking to people in person and making connections through being approachable and personable. Even if you are shy, put a game face on and turn your introverted self into someone who is outgoing. Social media is definitely a great outlet for making connections and meeting people in your field, but if you can’t do the same in person then your brand personality won’t take off in quite the way it should. First impressions are important after all, so don’t stand there like a schmuck; interact with people! A simple introduction and some small talk is sometimes all it takes to get on someone’s good side.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Though these are just a few of the life lessons I’ve taken away from time spent with my Dad so far, he definitely set me up for a strong brand personality in the future. So even when your parents are spouting off at the mouth about your love life or your work ethic or what have you, don’t fully tune them out. Within the overbearing parental drivel, there’s likely to be a valuable life lesson or two.

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