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Using a Personal Profile to Connect With A Prospective Employer

In today’s challenging job market, job seekers have to make every effort to go above and beyond what is normally expected, to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the hiring manager. No matter how hard you try, attempting to differentiate yourself solely through your resume is extremely difficult.

Consider creating a “Credentials Package” for your prospective employer to consider, which can include other components in addition to your resume. One additional component is the Personal Profile. The Personal Profile outlines in a single page, for you initially—and ultimately for your prospective employer—all of your unique personal qualities, including your passions, hobbies and special interests, personal development activities, family, and other unique or interesting qualities about yourself.

To highlight the 5 reasons why the Personal Profile is important:

  1. You are more than your “work.”
    You are so much more than what could possibly show up on a résumé. If others prefer to be considered, judged, and selected based solely on their work experience, let them. You want to make it personal.
  2. It’s all about relationships, and it’s always personal.
    If you want that new career opportunity, you have to convince your prospective employer that you bring positive personal qualities to the work and team environment.
  3. It’s all about differentiation.
    A hiring manager may have difficulty choosing between two candidates with similar work experiences, but the personal information you provide will always be unique and different.
  4. Let them know now who you are.
    You want your prospective employer to know exactly what—and who—they are getting. Even if you have the opportunity to meet with your prospective employer, you usually don’t get into this topic during an interview. Why should they wait until six months after you’re hired to find out what a great and interesting person you are? Let them know now.
  5. Your personal qualities are as important as your work experience.
    Your unique personal qualities determine how you will approach a given job, how you will interact with others to meet objectives, and ultimately how successful you will be.

In addition to aiding the employer in understanding who you are—before the interview even begins, the Personal Profile is also extremely important in helping you determine if a given opportunity is right for you. By identifying and understanding all of your personal qualities, it will help you evaluate and select career opportunities best suited for you, and will help you to answer that typical and often challenging “Tell me about yourself” question you often hear during the interview process.

Add a Personal Profile to your credentials package today. Start to develop a personal relationship with your prospective employer, before the interview even begins.

Guest Expert:

Over a 25-year period, Dan Burns has realized a successful career as a corporate manager, entrepreneur, educator, business owner, and now as a full-time writer.

Prior to writing, Dan served as owner and Executive Vice President of a national technical and management consulting company, providing consulting and employee placement services to Fortune 500 companies and helping people successfully obtain their next great career opportunity.

In May 2009, Dan published his first book, The First 60 Seconds: Win The Job Interview Before It Begins. Through his book and speaking engagements, Dan is helping thousands of people to be more successful in today’s challenging job marketplace.

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