The 7 phases of the job search - Secrets of the Job Hunt Career Podcast

When you look for a job, you go through a 7 step process. It is comparable to the loss of someone when you go through 5 phases.

And consistently, I have seen people going through theses steps if they do it alone...

  • 1st phase = after losing your job, you jump straight away to send a couple of CVs without having your CV really ready, the 1st negative replies come in.
  • 2nd phase = In this phase, as you are a new job seeker (you have looked for a job for a couple of years), the only job search technique you know is sending CVs for job ads (easiest and fastest way). And you start applying to all kind of jobs that come your way even if you are not exactly suited.

It is quantity over quality.

  • 3rd phase = you start receiving a lot of negative replies from recruiters or actually no replies at all. You become slighlty discouraged, don't want to give up. You send more CVs on job boards and job ads...
  • 4th phase = you are totally discouraged now, you think you won't find a job, and you actually stop looking for a job.
  • 5th phase = you ask for help with professionals or friends, you start discovering that looking for a job is not only sending CVs but also networking, and in fact, sending CVs is the worst job search technique because of the competition. You start diversifying your job search techniques, and you go out there networking and meeting with people.
  • 6th phase = you have the 1st positive results through interviews and networking interviews, you understand better where you position yourself, and you really lead a qualitative job search campaign
  • 7th phase = final interviews and negotiation. You went though all that ordeal and now you have managed to reach the nirvana, finding a job. Well done!

Professional help in that case can be really helpful, I am not saying that to promote my services, but to you to understand that an objective feedback and support will spare you from going through all this hassle!

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