5 Universal Laws To Finding Work You Love 

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The fear, doubt and uncertainty that accompanies the desire to change pace is understandable. In my work I attract people who crave freedom and creative expression in their work. They regret their career choice and really would prefer a complete change of scenery. By this time they have brainwashed themselves into thinking, “I can’t make money doing what I love.” But their desire to escape wears on them like a heavy anchor around their necks.

Whether the decision is made to transition to work you love because you want a slower pace, shorter commute, less stress or just plain fed up, there is a right way to find profitable work you love. Yes you could profit from your passions, there are people doing it everyday. Why not you? Follow these Laws and you’ll be doing work you love, faster than you can say I hate my JOB!

1. Law of Vision. What is your new life going to look like? If you’re going to leave your job-job to pursue your interests begin with identifying what your life looks like 5 years in the future. Where are you living? Who are you helping? What are you doing? What do you most enjoy about your new life? It is the beginning and an essential part of your journey. The power of vision to bring clarity to your process and direction to your path should not be underestimated. In fact the clearer you see your vision, the more likely you are to achieve it.

2. Law of Exploration. It is impossible to start this journey and be successful without exploring what your real interests, talents and skills are. There has to be internal soul-searching work if your idea is going to prosper. Even more work needs to be done when exploring the possibilities of merging these skills and interests with income opportunities. Remember there are several ways to spot an opportunity to combine your passions and profits. The easiest way is to solve a problem that large numbers of people will pay to be solved. But pay attention to trends, demographic needs and complaints as well.

3. Law of Action. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is impossible to begin your journey by doing research, gathering information, taking the extra classes, making the calls, organizing workshops or whatever it takes to get started and not enjoy success. For you to be successful you have to take action. Let me say this again: Action is the foundational key to all success-Pablo Picasso.

4. Law of Forgiveness. Forgive yourself quickly for making mistakes. When you’re venturing on this road you are likely to make some mistakes. Get used to it. Make it your friend, become accustomed to it but most importantly remember this “there are no failures, just experiences and your reactions to them.” Tom Krause.

5. Law of Secrecy. Protect your dream or vision. Don’t allow naysayers to deter you from doing what’s best for you. Often when you express an idea that goes against the status quo, you show up the mediocrity in their thinking. They’re not going to be thrilled so they’re not going to support you. I’m not saying go it alone on this journey. In fact to succeed you should probably surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm, will provide expert advice and will encourage you when you slip up. Just be selective when sharing your dream. When you’re successful you could let them know of your plans, but by then you probably wouldn’t care about their opinions.

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