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As an employment/career/HR consultant, I scan job boards all the time. I'm constantly see amazing jobs for excutive directors and project coordinators for organizations like the YMCA, the United Way, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Red Cross, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, treatment centers, family care centers, hospices, and the list goes on. My sense is that some might pass these jobs by as not worthing organizations because of how they're structured financially. To put it more clearly, the perception among job seekers may be to go where the money is and nonprofits aren't that place.

The term nonprofit (or not-for profit) is one that indicates the financial nature of an organization. It's purpose isn't to make money, even though that does happen. Have a quick look at the bottom of this post for some statistics that show how this segment within our working world is HUGE.

With that said, it's time to cut to the chase of this post:

1. Nonprofits are hiring and they're worth checking out. In Canada, this site has developed into a supersite: Perhaps one of my US colleagues can offer a similar one in the US?

2. If you work in a nonprofit, you have the same time of skills as those working for profit organizations when the functional discription of what you do is the same, i.e. accountant, communications coordinator, IT manager. PLUS, you may have added and sought after skills such as volunteer management and fundraising that make your role even more dynanmic and fulfilling!


US Nonprofit Organizations

  • 1,569,572 tax-exempt organizations, including:
    • 997,579 public charities
    • 118,423 private foundations
    • 453,570 other types of nonprofit organizations, including chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues.

(Source: NCCS Business Master File 10/09)

  • In 2006, nonprofits accounted for 8.11% of all wages and salaries paid in the United States.
    (Source: Nonprofit Almanac 2008)

Public Charity Finances

  • In 2007, public charities reported over $1.4 trillion in total revenues and nearly $1.3 trillion in total expenses. Of the revenue:
    • 22% came from contributions, gifts and grants.
    • 67% came from program service revenues, which include government fees and contracts.
    • 11% came from "other" sources including dues, rental income, special event income, and gains or losses from goods sold.

(Source: NCCS Core Files 2007)

  • Public charities reported nearly $2.6 trillion in total assets in 2007.
    (Source: NCCS Core Files 2007)



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