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Michael writes:

I have a question about the types of skills employers are searching for from job-seekers. I’m about to start my last year of college and if I can pick up a course or two during this year to make it easier for me to find a job in May when I graduate, I want to do it. So, can you help me?

The Career Doctor responds:

Great question! I actually encouraged my juniors and seniors when I weas teaching to conduct a SWOT analysis in preparation for better career planning and job-searching. A SWOT analysis examines your strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats in your chosen career field. And it’s something that ALL job-seekers can and should do occasionally.

Matching your SWOT with the skills employers are seeking then gives you some directions for finding educational opportunities or experience to fill the voids of any skills where you are weak.

You need the so-called hard skills of your chosen career, and I am assuming you have been gaining those as you have attended college. However, for your enlightenment - and to strengthen your resume — you need to fully know what those skills are that employers seek of a college graduate with your career interest.

Then there are the soft skills that all employers seek of prospective employees. These skills include teamwork, communications (writing, oral, listening), organizational, analytical, creative thinking/problem-solving, leadership, adaptability, and multicultural sensitivity.

A great way to conduct some easy research on the dominant soft and hard skills that employers in your career field are seeking is to gather a variety of job postings and simply do a content analysis of the requirements that these employers seek. Then find experiences you have had that used those skills and highlight them in your resume and cover letter (and later in the job interviews).

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