Top 50 most Annoying Co-Workers

The jury has spoken!

Top 50 most Annoying Co-Workers:

The loud talkers,

The coughers

The Eavesdropper

The Gloaters,

The Gossipers,

The Open Mouth Chewer

The Blame Shifter

The Cubicle Ninja

The procrastinator

The Rude co-worker

The corporate survivor,

The “know it all”

The smart A**

The narcissistic type

The non-confrontational type

The rat type

The “ear-bleeding sports fanatic”

The “I’m-always-right-and-you’re-always-wrong person”

The “I work 7.5 workday and don’t do more than is required”

The floater

The sighers,

The “Always running late” co-worker

The Sapper of productiivity / energy levels

The Incompetent

The Judgmental co-worker

The Negative co-worker

The Complainer

The Sneaky co-worker

The Person whose non-work-related conversation is restricted to sports.

The Blame shifter.

The Illiterate Ignoramous.

The Doofus/ Dumbass.

The Super Suit.

The butt kisser

The Too Sensitive

The “Aw-shucks” manipulator.

The motivational speaker.

The gum popper

The throat clearer

The know-it-all

The Grinch

The 3 sneezer

The Micromanager

The office bully

The Pessimist

The “Mr. Popular” Co-worker

The Participator of illegal activities

The “monopolizer of meetings”

The “Put up posters all over the office” person

The Passive-aggressive

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