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According to career expert Katy Piotrowski, the Health Science industry is a hot market, as well as accounting and IT for those in the job market. I had the opportunity to meet and interview Katy as part of a special edition of Blogging4Jobs.

 Piotrowski, who is the founder of Career Solutions Group, has more than 15 years in the industry. She recommends that new industry transition should start with a job seeker’s strengths. Research the industry and look for opportunitites that you might enjoy based on the job seekers likes and interests. From there, she recommends the job seeker laying out a clear plan prior to moving to a new industry. It can be overwhelming and devoting just five minutes to the future and focusing on one area to help staying or becoming more competitive.

Job seekers that she considers “Career Couch Potatoes” will be at a disadvantage because they are not open to learning and doing new things. Piotrowski says, “Career Couch Potatoes have a job, they feel comfortable, are focused on earning a paycheck, and are at a disadvantage. The market is evolving and companies that we thought would never go out of business are.”

Piotrowski talks more about how to plan and execute an effective job search and what works and doesn’t in my Livestream interview video with her. The job search doesn’t have to be overwhelming with proper planning and small steps, you can achieve your career goals and a land a job you love. Katy tells us how–

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