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Here are some top interview tips and don't dos for interviews. They are a good set of rule of thumb tips to stick to in order to make sure that your interview doesn't get sabotaged by something silly or that you could have avoided...

  1. Turn up late for your interview and keep the interviewer waiting
  2. Sit there in silence or answering simple yes or no responses
  3. Insult or swear at the interviewer
  4. Answer your phone
  5. Respond to emails or in any way shape or form use your blackberry!
  6. Waffle at the interviewer
  7. Be too dominant or domineering in the interviewer
  8. Try to be funny when you’re simply not being!
  9. Criticise your current employer or boss
  10. Overtly clock watch
  11. Turn up looking scruffy, sloppy or dirty
  12. Express irrelevant opinions on things
  13. Show bad humour – be sexist, cruel, racist or discrimatory
  14. Act like a know-it-all
  15. Ignoring or not really responding/listening to the question
  16. Being underprepared – not knowing about the company or person interviewing you

Author: Nisa Chitakasem

Posted via web from AndyWergedal