How Top MBAs Get the Best Jobs | Seattle Interview Coach

Organize Interview Prep Groups

The interview prep groups are groups of 4-5 first year students who are led by a second year student who recruited in the same industry the previous year. My interview prep group leader provided helpful resources such as case frameworks, typical interview questions, key technology trends, and constructive feedback in mock interviews. I also set up additional mock interviews with other second year students.

Develop Your Story

For pretty much any job, an important factor in the interview process will be your passion for the role/product/company. Have a clear story of how your past experiences and skills, plus your business school experience, make you the right candidate. I was not a career switcher but for those that are, I’ve heard from classmates that your story becomes that much more important – how your past experiences, interests, and skills translate to the industry/role you are pursuing. Doing your homework about a company/industry and/or participating in relevant activities or classes is also key to demonstrating your knowledge and interest.

Practice Makes Perfect
Interviewing is definitely a skill you have to practice in order to improve. Mock interviews can be very helpful, especially with peers that have interviewed with the companies previously and are familiar with their interview style.

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