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I know you wouldn’t do these things on purpose. But sometimes we can feel the pressure of being in job search, or maybe nervousness because of the meeting you’re attending or the person you’re talking to. Maybe you’re like me in that when you get nervous or a little tongue tied, you might start babbling. It’s like when you’re running really fast down a hill. You know you’re about to go down in disgrace and you won’t be able to stop until you hit something. In an attempt to help you avoid getting to that place where you know you’re about to lose control but you just cannot stop, here are a few things to stop doing the moment you hear yourself about to do any of them.

1. Focus every aspect of the conversation on you. No matter who chimes in, get the topic back on you ASAP. After all, you’re much more interesting than anyone else. And besides you are doing a job search!

2. Conversely, never tell anything about yourself when it is appropriate for some give and take conversation.

3. Give advice, tell them what they should do. Go right ahead– you don’t have to wait for them to ask.

4. Never let ‘em get a word in and interrupt when they do. Everyone is entitled to your opinion, after all.

5. Tell lots of detailed facts about your life or your story or your experience-keep telling yourself that everyone loves listening to a monologue.

6. No matter what they’ve done, you can go them one better.

7. Don’t spend any time analyzing your comments to see if you could be coming across insensitive and unaware of cultural, religious, race, gender, age differences.

8. Show your skin rash to a doctor, ask an attorney how to hide your assets, or ask a computer techie how to add special ring tones to your phone.

Maybe you haven’t, but I’ve probably gotten close to doing all of the above. I hope this list will help you–and give you patience with those who do this to you.

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