Building A Great Elevator Pitch

Many months back I wrote a post to help you deliver a great elevator pitch to your local networking group.  Because when your elevator pitch has a pitch problem, you won’t have the impact.  And no one will rush the stage to meet you when it is over.

And I think that one of the most important results of a good elevator pitch is that people want to come find you.  Introduce themselves.  And network with you.

A great concept, right?

So since you’ve already read the post above about how to deliver a great pitch, here’s my advice on how to build the pitch that everyone will love.

Six steps. From a presentation I gave this week in Irvine, CA.

First I’ll tell you what to create and then I’ll give you my own example.  Sound good?

networking, elevator pitch

Step 1 – Tell us your name . . . .

elevator pitch, name

Step 2 – Tell us your positioning statement (4-6 words that uniquely define you in the market)

elevator pitch, positioning statement

Step 3 – Tell us your brief career summary (last position, industry, a key accomplishment or two)

elevator pitch, career summary

Step 4 – Tell us your work philosophy (how you work, what reinforces your true value)

elevator pitch, work philosophy

Step 5 – Tell us your specific job search objectives (target title, function, industry, geography, companies)

elevator pitch, job search objectives

Step 6 – Tell us how you can help others (i.e. us)!

elevator pitch, help others

And that’s it!  About 45 seconds.  You can add or delete words to get down to 30 or up to 60 depending on the guidelines provided by your networking group.

Think you can build one of these?  I’ll bet you can.

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