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This blog has talked about making money online before. We've also shown how you could get started with making money online if you are new to web working, want to make a living from the internet, and have no clue.

Now, there's a difference between making a living on the internet and making a few quick bucks. No, there is no get rich quick scheme but that doesn't mean you can't make ten dollars in ten minutes; you could if you know the right way to do it.

So yes, there are ways to make some extra cash online when you need it. And the best beneficiaries of such methods, in my opinion, are students. Students love working part time (or I should say have to work) because that pays their daily expenses. Hence, they could use the world wide web to get that extra cash.

This article talks about ten such sites which could help students, or anyone who wants to make some extra cash online, get started. And who knows, you might just end up doing it full-time and making good money out of it. :)

Elance is probably the most popular marketplace for freelancers and their clients alike. Freelancers, be it designers, programmers, writers or proofreaders, could bid for projects submitted by prospective clients and make money out of them.

There's a long list of skill categories on the site so you could see which one you might fit into and get started.

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk is another marketplace where one could get money for work as simple as finding the contact information on a website. It basically lists the tasks it calls "Human Intelligence Tasks" i.e the tasks that require human intelligence and cannot be easily accomplished by a computer (or a software).

Since students are usually huge gadget freaks, it is likely that they have a lot of unused gadgets lying around. The best use of such gadgets would be to sell them to BuyMyTronics. Yes, this is a site which purchases old gadgets and also offers free shipping. It couldn't get better.

Here's another unique site that could help you make some extra cash. Known as Ether, this site lets experts share their knowledge for a price. If you consider yourself well-versed in any subject or a field, you could sign up for the site and start taking calls at your will.

I don't need to introduce this site, do I? eBay is definitely the biggest site to make quick money by selling and buying (then selling it for more) stuff. It may not be that quick but is definitely quicker than many other ways of making money online.

Odesk is like Elance for coders and programmers, except that it has a better tracking mechanism. If you are into programming, designing and things like that, you could make use of this site to grab projects and generate income.

Now, Buxr doesn't look like a site where one can make money. It's a deals/coupons aggregator and helps visitors save money. But if you are able to find good deals for them and your deals receive a lot of votes then you could get cash rewards too.

If you like helping people with their computer troubles then you might as well make money doing that. On Crossloop, you could create a profile, set your hourly rate and help people from all over the world in resolving their computer issues.

Pickydomains might probably one of the best ways to earn $25. You just need to come up with a domain name for a client that isn't registered yet. Yes, there are a ton of domain names that are yet to be taken up. Just fire up your imagination and get started.

And last, but by no means the least, is our very own Craigslist. Make no mistake, this site remains one of the hottest destinations for people seeking part-time income. You could sell stuff, post your resume, contact people seeking freelancers and do much more. So, don't forget this site when hunting for a way to make extra cash.



Written on 5/20/2010 by Abhijeet Mukherjee. Abhijeet is a blogger and web publisher from India. He loves all things tech as long as it aids in productivity. He edits Guiding Tech, a blog that publishes useful guides, tutorials and tools. Check it out and subscribe to its feed if you like the site. You can also find him on Twitter. Photo Credit: J D R

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