UpMo.com Offers Uber Personalized Job Searches And Counseling

UpMo.com Offers Uber Personalized Job Searches And Counseling: "

With unemployment rates still high, the competition among online job boards is heating up. One startup is hoping to take a piece of the pie by offering a highly-personalized job search feature. UpMo.com has launched the Intelligent Job Hunt, a tool that determines a job hunter’s ideal career path and job opportunities based on an algorithm.

Intelligent Job Hunt’s algorithm identifies and prioritizes job matches based upon certain aspects of a user’s career, including past, present and future jobs, network (i.e. LinkedIn) connections, professionals they’d like to emulate and personality attributes. UpMo also attempts to pinpoints the activities you should be doing and the specific job opportunities you should be pursuing to increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Of course, the bells and whistles that accompany UpMo’s job search platform aren’t free. UpMo’s membership fee is $6.99 per month, whereas CareerBuilder and other job search engines are free. The algorithm itself sounds impressive and perhaps could be a powerful tool for those looking to get highly personalized job guidance, but needs to be tested further to prove its success in the space. And it’s a competitive space chock full of job search engines, including the fast-growing Indeed, Yahoo’s HotJobs (Which Yahoo may be abandoning) and Monster.

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