Steal my 3 Steps to Write an Effective Resume

My 3 Steps are Keywords, Simplify and PDF.
But, the key to writing an effective resume is keywords, keywords and more keywords.

Keywords: words your client uses to describe their problem or need. These are not your words, or industry standard words. They are the words your client uses.

What to do:

1. Keywords: The only way to make a connection is by matching words (keywords). Your resume must match the words of the client to describe solving their problem. So, add more keywords. 

More keywords, a lot more. Make your resume 10 pages long. Repeated words, section headings and specific terms comprise good candidates for keyword selection. Also look at similar job postings as a cross-reference to find the most likely candidates for keywords.  There is no way to know how the client will describe their problem, or the way they think it needs to be solved. Just add more detail in every section of your resume. We have listed keywords here, here and here or you can Search for Keywords

2. Simplify: Simple headers, clear and verbose. Make it look boring, your resume must pass a computer filter before any human will read it. Use a single default font, bold headers, normal text for the body, bullet points and full dates. Make your resume easy to read. That is right plain and visually boring.

3. PDF: PDF is better than Word. PDF is typically uneditable. The computer systems read PDFs easier than Microsoft Word formatted resume. Also PDF is easier to parse for the job boards. My resume is built in a text editor, easy to update easy to modify.. no special cost involved.

Bonus tip: If a recruiter wants a word version of your resume, 90% chance they will revise it. You may never see the revision or what was actually sent to the client.

In order to pass through the automated filters, you need to write your resume to match the clients words (keywords) and expectations. Words matter, they are the only thing that is parsed or reviewed. Make sure you assert as much control as possible of the contents of your resume.

Results are the only measurement. No one cares what it looks like, only if it gets results.