SOAR: A Recipe for Interview Mastery (FTE)

 From: AJ Mize - More info here

SOAR stands for Situation, Obstacle, Action, and Result.

It's a structured approach to answering interview questions that allows you to present your experiences in a compelling, organized manner.

Here’s how you can make it work for you:
Situation: Set the scene. Describe the context in which you were operating. Were you leading a team, working on a project, or facing a tight deadline? This sets the stage for your story.
Obstacle: What challenges did you encounter? Identifying the hurdles you faced not only adds drama to your story but also shows that you’re not shying away from difficulties.
Action: Here's where you're the hero. Detail the specific actions you took to address the obstacles. This is your chance to showcase your problem-solving skills, creativity, and leadership.
Result: End with a bang. What was the outcome of your actions? Highlight the positive impact of your efforts – be it increased sales, improved efficiency, or a satisfied client. Quantify your achievements if possible.