Networking Tip for People Who Don't Like to Network

Here is a networking tip for all of you who don't like to network.

Send a request to connect with your job reply.

Most people have posted their resume on the internet somewhere (Hot Jobs, Monster, Etc). When someone sends you a job request, send them back an email that briefly describes who you are and what you want to do. Include an invite to linkedin or other social network.

Here is my canned response (apologies to my recruiters if you thought I wrote this just for you).

Thank you for your email. 

I am a PMP project / program manager and have been managing projects both in the US and overseas since 1996. If you would like to talk to me about this position please contact me at 916-799-4398. I have attached my resume for your database. Please keep me in mind for opportunities that fit my skill set. 

I also work with the three PMI chapters in Northern California helping their members who are out of work. Please send me your PM and BA postings and I can forward your request to those PM's who are out of work and looking for a new position.

Please connect with me on Linkedin.

-- Andy Wergedal

Andy Wergedal 

What are your ideas to help those who don't like to network?

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